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Binary Capital backs runaway trains with $175 million new fund

Binary Capital You’ve built an app and it’s blowing up but you have no clue how to scale or retain users. Who do you call? Binary Capital specializes in businesses with initial traction that need direction. Binary’s founding partners got behind Tinder at 12,000 active users, Snapchat at 120,000, and Instagram at 220,000 users, helping them harness their growth. “We invest in… Read More

BrightWork launches to bring easy web app building for front end folks

IMG_9388 Front end folks and back end folks just can’t get together. The back end folks are always like “Node.js” and the front end folks are like “Node what?” and then there’s a fight and someone gets the hose and it just turns into a big mess. BrightWork, a TechStars Chicago company, has a solution. Founded by former Twilio engineer Josh Carter and Nike developer… Read More

PwC Singapore launches new one-stop shop for investors and startups, Venture Hub

PwC’s Venture Hub aims to be the gateway for their clients to connect to other regional and global markets PwC Singapore, an assurance, advisory and tax services company, announced today that it has launched its Venture Hub, a one-stop shop targeted at helping investors and entrepreneurs active in the startup and innovation space to navigate the complex ecosystem. The team...

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Singaporean food delivery startup bites the dust

This unsustainable business model claims yet another victim Nary a day passes without a tale of the tumultuous times of the food tech — or, let’s face it, it’s usually food delivery — industry as startups struggle to break the cycle of unprofitability. Just last Friday, we broke the news of India-based Grofers shutting down...

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Brave, the ad-blocking browser from former Mozilla CEO, grabs $4.5 million

brave-notebook Brave Software, the new web browser company co-founded by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding for the continued development of its open source browser that blocks online ads and other trackers. Unlike traditional web browsers where ad-blocking takes place via a third-party add-on or extension, Brave’s browser has this technology built in, claiming… Read More

Rural tech startups see success across the US

 Tech startups have become synonymous with urban areas that offer better access to talent, resources and infrastructure. But rural areas are also home to startups. This may surprise those who have moved away from rural areas. Population loss is a ...