We identify opportunities, build websitesaround subscription and recurring billing.

To build these global network of websites, in many complex markets, we have developed a dedicated online strategy. Our platform accelerates the process of identifying, building and scaling Internet websites. This platform rests on four pillars.

Innovation Lab

We identify online businesses based on our research and by listening our customers. We work from scratch on this project and develop all the aspects from an idea to a final product on a dedicated website.

Implementation Blue Print

We have developed a set of unique standardized processes that allows us to build and scale new webistes in a repeatable and scalable way. We can launch new websites in less than 30 days.

Multi-channel but Mobile 1st

We promote and test our ideas and websites on different online platforms and generate leads and collect feedbacks from our customers. Social Media advertising for businesses and online media buying

KPI measurements

We Optimize all digital aspects during the production of our websites to drive more leads and online conversions. Our Customer service and satisfaction is one of our best asset for optimizations.

Our great Team!

eCommerce & Payments Professionals

mDigital Group builds and invests in eCommerce Internet companies that take proven online business models to new, fast-growing markets. focus on five industry sectors of online and mobile retail services that make up a significant share of consumer spending: Digital goods, Fashion, Food, Home & Living and Travel.

We help people use their smartphones to get what they need, any place, any time, offering the same world-class user experience in all markets.

People First

There is absolutely no doubt that what really makes a venture successful is the team involved in it. We’re always keen to bring onboard new talents who will confidently manage their areas of responsibility in an autonomous environment

Shared services

Members of the team are often working on several projects at the same time, of course with various level of involvement depending on their responsibility. This allows us to stimulate creativity, maximize cross function communication and maintain a lean cost structure

Attention to details

Stating the obvious, every single detail counts, specially when working in a small dedicated team evolving in a fast moving business environment

Mobile First

When considering a new opportunity we focus on mobile first as opposed to making it mobile friendly at a later stage. This is particularly true for the APAC region where we derive most of our expertise from

KPI daily monitoring

Nothing is left to chance, it all comes down to key data monitoring, a day to day business pulse monitoring habit that we follow religiously

Online Payment

Payment success ratio is one of the most critical and intricate aspect of what we do, often one of the most overlooked. So much so that we have developed our own payment technology platform: Mpayment, dedicated to maximizing online payment success throughout our entire websites ecosystem


We Are Creative

mDigitalGroup is an eCommerce company based in Singapore. We love to create websites and digital projects. Professionals and real passionate, we always have ideas to sell online products or digital goods using subscription based eCommerce and recurring payments. We are Creative, fun and productive in a great working environment in the heart of South East Asia.

Through deep analytics, statistical reports and
astute pattern recognition we try to find opportunities
where others usually can’t. We create ventures from
the ground up, leveraging our expertise every step of
the way from incubating idea to full eCommerce
website commercial readiness.


Creative Team

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